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Recommended Model: VC200XE-MINI  


Nowadays, medical is developing rapidly. More attention is paid to medical image. PACS transfers image material, which is got from medical devices, into digital forms, and realized functions like image capture, storage, management, process and transmission. It helps to manage and use the image material effectively which contributes to the wide use of ultrasound imaging workstation, CT image workstation, X-ray image workstation, and NMR image workstation. The key of the system is to capture images from type-B ultrasonic, CT, X-ray machine, NMR, endoscope and other medical devices and present the captured image to doctors for their reference and judgment.

About standard video capture card for type-B ultrasonic and endoscope, there are various kinds of products in the market with different qualities and prices, which makes it really hard for users to choose. They can only borrow cards to test the quality. They waste a lot of time and energy. It is even harder for users to choose models for non-standard CT, X-ray machine or NMR. The requirements are hard to achieve, which makes it different to develop. It calls for fine image quality, and the price for such cards is expensive. Users can only get such cards by importing or they can only find a few sellers in the domestic market. Their choice is restricted, and the cost is hard to be reduced. On the other hand, the parameters of medical devices are sometimes uncertain with different models. All these issues bring headache to customers and even bring huge lose due to pending projects.

The Architecture of the Solution:



ForeFront Solutions:

ForeFront 2-channel HD video capture card can be applied to process high resolution images with high precision rate, as well as stream media, medical image devices (such as ECT, standard or non-standard color doppler ultrasound), radar devices and so on. The scale and de-interlacing will be done within FPGA and largely reduces the workload of CPU. Meanwhile the effective DMA transmission method further releases CPU, so users can use CPU to do other work. It adopts AD converter with the sample precision rate at 10 bits. The image details are colorful with a high signal noise rate which reduces the color edges to the maximum extent. The scale in FPGA and motion-adaptive de-interlacing technologies further ensure the image quality. ForeFront HD video capture card integrates different models of input video signals with low cost and remain the high-quality capture.


Recommended Model: VC200XE-MINI

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