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  • HD Remote Medical
  • HD Remote Medical

Recommended Model: VC200XE-MINI, VC102XE-HD


With the development of multimedia and internet technologies, remote medical is widely applied, and have become indispensible part of medical diagnosis and treatment.By the transmission of internet, the remote medical device can realize lots of applications. Remote guide, remote diagnosis and remote operation is just part of it, the video capture technology is the key part which promotes the remote medical. No matter where the doctor is, he can check and analysis patients information.

ForeFront Solution:

ForeFront HD video capture card can capture HD video from any devices, including personal computer, medical devices, embedded system or signals for scientific research and medical camera. It can capture and transmit high-quality image for doctors, record real-time HD medical images. The captured video signals are at their full resolutions and uncompressed. It supports third party software based on Microsoft DiretShow and provides powerful SDK. It is compatible with any medical software. When capturing HD image, it can achieve 60 fps. Together with the function of de-interlacing, it can effectively removing image bellow and flicker and makes the image clearer.

Recommended Model: VC200XE-MINIVC102XE-HD

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