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Recommended Model: VC104XUSB


The requirements of live recording are growing rapidly. The investment of traditional live recording is large with a long construction period while the utilizing rate is low. Therefore that is why mobile live recording is well received by users for its low investment and high utilizing rate. Mobile live recording can be brought to various kinds of events and have real-time recording. Now it has entered the age of USB 3.0. VC104XUSB is the first product that adopts USB 3.0 interface. With one single capture box, it can simultaneously capture 1 1080p/60Hz HD video and quad D1@30fps, which contributes to a brand new live recording system. You just need to connect the USB 3.0 interface by the USB cable, run the live recording software, and then you will meet your individual requirements. You can carry it to events and establish a live recording environment. You can put the whole live recording system in the notebook bag.

USB is one of the most widely used computer expansion interfaces, which connects keyboard, mouse, printer, copy machine, scan machine, digital camera, MP3, U disk and other expansion device to computer. USB3.0 is also called Super Speed USB with the bit rate at 5Gbps. Compared with the previous speed of USB 2.0, which is 480Mbps (that is 60 MB/s), the speed of USB 3.0 is 10 times faster. Quote what Jeff Ravencraft, the Intel expert, said: “Take a document of 25GB size for example, it will take 13.9 minitus by USB 2.0 while it only needs around 70 seconds by USB 3.0.” The new USB 3.0 is compatible with USB 2.0. Meanwhile, considering the fact that more and more devices will adopt USB for power charging, the power capacity of USB 3.0 has been increased to 900 mA per port. In this way, some devices with large capacity will no longer need external power supply.

The architecture of the solution:

ForeFront Solution:

VC104XUSB innovatively adopts USB 3.0 interface. It can achieve high-speed transmission and simultaneously capture 1 HD and dual A/V signals. You can get the power from the computer directly without connecting to heavy power adapters, and it’s easy to carry. By this easy-to-carry device, you can capture high-quality uncompressed 1080HD video. The VC104XUSB can connect to USB 3.0 interface which is switched by the PCI Express interface in the notebook, and meanwhile the VC104XUSB can connect to USB 2.0 interface only to get lower image frame rate. VC104XUSB can receive input video signal. You can use it together with a third party recording software based on Microsoft DirectShow to record the audio and video format you need. It is compatible with Amcap to capture video.


Recommended Model: VC104XUSB

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