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  • SD Lecture Recording
  • SD Lecture Recording

Recommended Model: VC102XE


Information technology has been fully applied in education. Exploring and integrating teaching resources have effectively improved the teaching quality. In order to meet the requirements of live recording for education, HD camera is used to make classical courseware. Both the video and audio is synchronous. The teaching video and students’ responses will be real-time recorded into standard stream media formats. When it is uploaded to the server, people can receive the broadcast or choose to watch it by school net or internet.

The online public class has already formed a scope. People have pointed out their requirements towards video broadcasting and recording. Take the method for instance; the contents presented on the screen include courseware (slides), video of the lecturer, outlines, display control, areas for interaction and communication. It needs HD VGA capture card to realize the solution. Problems will be encountered when people integrate traditional hardware: the current VGA capture card cannot support VGA standards well. The captured image may have black edges or will not be complete. The image may be obscure and has low frame rate. These capture cards basically adopts PCI interface. When multiple VGA cards and multi-channel video capture cards are inserted, they will fight for PCI transmission bandwidth, which leads to bad performance or abnormal image.

FFI focuses the application of live recording in education. In recent years, FFI actively joins in the information construction of schools, aiming at helping schools create quality video resource, video on demand and remote interactive teaching. It has succeeded in providing more colorful software and hardware support to remote interactive teaching and HD live recording system integrators.

The Architecture of the Solution:

ForeFront Solution:

ForeFront has released 1-channel HD+ 2-channel SD video capture card designed for education live recording. It can completely record teacher’s, students’ and the courseware and realize the remote interactive teaching and communications between schools. 1-channel HD +2-channel SD video capture card is PCI-E designed for live recording or training developers. As a leading provider, it has abandoned the PCI interface, and innovatively integrates VGA and SD video. It adopts PCI interface, and is compatible with VGA, DVI, HDMI, Y/Pb/Pr and CVBS. While the transmission bandwidth is increasing, FPGA adjusts the multi-channel video data, ensures the performance and stability of image capture and realizes the real broadcast and film editing. It has the best capability to automatically detect the resolutions and has the image automatic adjustment engine and various video processing functions. Magewell capture card supports third parties’ software and development tool based on standard DirectShow API, and provides SDK, satisfying requirements of different users.


Recommended Model: VC102XE

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