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Recommended Model: VC204XE,VC200XE-MINIVC006AE-PRO


The multi-screen splicing system without seam owns large display screen and super high resolution and brightness, which is well received by exhibitions and conferences. The current video wall system adopts the soft edge fusion splicing technology. Users can open multiple image at any location of the screen, and by LAN, the external computer screen can be displayed in the screen. Video wall display software can separate the single VGA display signal into multiple channels. The M*N-screen will form a single logical screen. Mouse, application window, active video window, and real-time VGA window can randomly roam, move, and zoom. The multi-screen splicing technology is usually applied in large control center and multiple remote video conferences.

The current video wall display software adopts different video capture card to capture and display the external AV, VGA and other signals on the screen. In order to display various kinds of VGA, it is far more than enough to rely on the operational capability of the screen itself. The screen is required to be able to receive and integrate various signals on the screen. The requirement for screen is relatively high, for example 1920*1080 or 2048*768. In other words, the VGA capture card is required to be able to capture high resolution with high speed and high frame.


The Architecture of the Solution:

 multiscreen projector solution

ForeFront Solution:

For professional users of multi-screen, ForeFront has released HD video capture card based on PCI-E 4x bus construction to satisfy the requirements of multi-channel signals. It can simultaneously capture dual HD video signals, quad SD video signals and dual analog audio signals. During the capture, the image is clear and does not have the phenomenon of drawing. The HD video supports DVI, VGA, Y/Pb/Pr, HDMI, CVBS and many signal sources. It can dynamically switch the input signal types. With one single card, HD VGA, DVI, HDMI, Y/Pb/Pr, and CVBS can be real-time captured. Uncompressed video image will be captured at its full resolution. This ensures the quality of original images when the HD material is input into HD programs. The maximum resolution can reach 2048x 1536. It is compatible with various kinds of audio and video capture software based on DirectShow interface or audio capture software based on DirectSound interface. It supports third parities’ software based on DirectShow API, such as LED multi-screen control software like LEDShowT9 and LEDStudio8. Multiple cards can be used at the same time or even can work with other stream media capture cards to satisfy users’ various capture requirements.


Recommended Model: VC204XE,VC200XE-MINIVC006AE-PRO

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