VC400DE-SDI Quad channel SDI capture



  • 3Gbps -SDI

    VC400DE-SDI fully supports SD/HD/3G-SDI, and enables to embed 8-channel audio signals at 48KHz. You can connect it to any devices with SDI interface. Each interface supports SD, HD, or even 3Gb/s SDI speed. SDI interface has been widely applied to radio and television industry. It is digital transmission and supports embedded audio. The transmission is done by a 75-Ohms coaxial cable. The coaxial cable is widely used in cable TV and can be purchased easily. It supports long-distance transmission. It can transmit 100m when it’s at 1080p/60Hz while above 200m when it’s at 1080i/60hz.

    High Bandwidth Transmission

    The Vc400DE-SDI adoptsthe PCI-Express x4 interface and does not need to apply bandwidth from the bus, which can provides higher transmission speed and quality. The actual transmission speed can reach 700 MB/s which solves the bandwidth requirements when 4 channels of 3G-SDI are captured simultaneously.

    HD & Multichannel Capturing Solution

    VC400DE-SDI can simultaneously capture 4-channel SD/HD/3G-SDI signals, which can completely meets the needs of HD & multichannel capturing solutions. Compared with similar combination, VC400DE-SDI can help you effectively lower the cost and power consumption of system, improve the system stability at the same time.

    High Performance

    The VC400DE-SDI adopts high-speed PCI-Express x4 interface, with the transmission bandwidth at 700 MB/s. The color space switch, image processing like image mirror, scale, de-interlace will be done within FPGA. It largely reduces the CPU, and effective DMA transmission further releases the capability of CPU.

    Low Power Consumption

    The VC100DE-SDI can simultaneously capture 4-channel SD/HD/3G-SDI signals while the power consumption is only 8w which is only 1/2 of similar products.

    Powerful Stability

    All the chips and capacity components adopt the design of 6 layers. The performance is better than similar products. It can easily work for long hours 7×24 hours without stop.
  • Connection 
    Host InterfacePCI-Express x4, Half-length,*700MB/s throughput
    Input Interface4 BNC (N1, N2,N3,N4 are labeled on the bracket)
    SDI Video Input4 SD/HD/3G-SDI Video capture at 1080p/60Hz
    SDI Audio Input4 SDI embedded audio input
    SDI Input FormatsSD/HD/3G-SDI, it meets the standards of SMPTE-259/274/296/372/424/425/292
    Output Formats40×30-2048×1536, frame rate: 1-100 fps
    Transmission SpeedSDI: 270Mb/s, 1.485Gb/s, 2.97Gb/s
    Color SpaceYUYV/UYVY/NV12/I420/RGB24/RGB32
    Video Process 
    Color Space SwitchHardware Color Space Switch
    De-interlaceVertical filter de-interlacing; motion-adaptive de-interlacing
    Image ScaleHardware 5-Tap Scale
    Image MirrorHorizontal; vertical
    Image ClipYes
    Image AdjustmentBrightness/contrast/hue adjustment
    Saturation adjustment/control of monochrome and color
    Gamma Adjustment
    separately adjust the brightness and contrast of R/G/B
    OS Support(x86 and x64 versions): Windows XP Professional
    Windows Server2003
    Windows Vista
    Windows Server 2008
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Software CompatibilityWindows Media Encoder
    Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
    Real Producer Plus
    VideoLAN for Windows
    Onboard Memory256MB DDR2,64 bits@ 160MHz
    UpgradeFirmware can be upgraded.
    Power Consumption<= 8W
    Operating Temperature0-50 degree centigrade
    Storage Temperature-20-70 degree centigrade
    Relative Humidity5%-90%
    • vc400de-sdipj1-1.0
      VC400DE-SDI video capture card: 1

      Installation CD-ROM: 1
      installation guide
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