Magewell XI Capture Range (1st Gen)

Magewell XI Capture Range (1st Gen)

The Magewell XI range of video capture cards

This is the 1st Generation of our video capture cards

low cost, high performance, various models to suit various applications.

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VC100DE-HDMI-4K - 1 channel HDMI 4K video capture

The latest HDMI 4K video capture card Capture 1 4K x 2K ultra HD signals

395.00 GBP

- +
VC100XE-PRO - HD + 3G-SDI video capture

All-in-One HD/SD input support 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr, S-video, CVBS signals

347.00 GBP  277.60 GBP

- +
VC200DE-SDI - Dual Channel SDI capture

2 x SD/HD/3G-SDI Inputs Loop-through for Both Channels Plug-and-Play Using Existing Drivers PCI Express x4 Interface

395.00 GBP  316.00 GBP

- +
VC006AE-PRO 6 channel a/v capture

6-channel video capture card Low profile card. Simultaneously capture 6-channel A/V signals, each at D1/30fps

365.00 GBP

- +
VC102XE-HD HD+ Dual 3G-SDI Capture

1 HD+ dual 3G-SDI video capture card Simultaneously capture dual SD/HD/3G-SDI signals and 1x HD signal

669.00 GBP  535.20 GBP

- +
VC102XE, HD+ dual SD video capture

1 HD+ dual SD video capture card Simultaneously capture 1 HD signal and dual SD A/V signals

330.00 GBP  264.00 GBP

- +
VC200XE-MINI Dual 1080p capture

Dual 1080P HD video capture card Low power, high performance. Simultaneously capture dual 1080P/60HZ HD signals

475.00 GBP

- +
VC204XE capture dual HD+quad SD+Audio

Dual HD+ quad SD video capture card Simultaneously capture dual HD signals and quad A/V signals

675.00 GBP  540.00 GBP

- +
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